Yang Ming Extends Japan-Taiwan-South China Express to Southeast Asia


Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp. (Yang Ming) continues to expand its Intra-Asia service network by extending Japan – Taiwan – South China Express (JTS) to Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines.

The upgraded JTS service will be effective from 21st October, 2020 (Estimated Time of Berth from Nagoya).

The extended JTS service will employ four 2,800 TEU class vessels on a 28-day round trip schedule.

The revised port rotation will be Nagoya – Tokyo – Chiba - Yokohama - Keelung - Kaohsiung - Hong Kong - Shekou - Port Kelang - Singapore - Manila South Port - Kaohsiung - Hong Kong - Shekou - Xiamen – Nagoya.

With the progress in the RCEP negotiations, the steady economic growth in the Southeast Asia region is highly anticipated. In light of the development, Yang Ming continues to strengthen its coverage in the area.

The improvement of the JTS service will enable Yang Ming to optimize its competitiveness between Japan, Taiwan, South China, and Southeast Asia. Furthermore, the linkage of Yang Ming’s main port, Kaohsiung, and transit hubs of Southeast Asia, Port Kelang and Singapore, will complement current offerings in Southeast Asia and provide an easy connection with Yang Ming’s global service network.

More information about the service network is available at Yang Ming official website ( www.yangming.com ).

Yang Ming Group press release