Update regarding the containers fall off YM Efficiency incident

6 June 2018

In respect of our previous communication of 2nd June, 2018, Yang Ming would like to update you on the current situation about YM Efficiency.

YM Efficiency was on its way to Sydney, Australia when it was struck by high winds and a heavy swell. It is reported 83 containers fell overboard and 26 containers damaged caused by the severe weather. Yang Ming’s headquarters along with its local office have coordinated with port authorities and insurance company, the vessel has berthed alongside DP World terminal in Sydney on 6th June 9 a.m. (local time), 2018 for regular operations, further assessment and repair for the damaged containers and necessary inspections.

It has been confirmed that there were no dangerous goods or marine contaminants inside the 83 lost containers. The container-salvage and debris clean-up operations started from 2nd June, the wide-range search area by helicopters is from Newcastle as far south to Broken Bay and meanwhile along Stockton Bight to Morna Point – Fingal Head, Shark Island, Nelson Bay then along the NSW Mid North Coast to Crowdy Head, and then to Broughton Island and Cabbage Tree Islands, returning via Fingal Bay. For those areas easily accessible to the general public, the local contractors have been closely monitoring for immediate recovery operation, if any debris or container is discovered floating in the water or have been washed ashore, the local contractor crew will remove it instantly to minimize the environmental impact. We will keep track of any progress of the recovery of coastline and the sea areas of the incident.

Meanwhile, our business force has instructed loading port offices to keep close contact with all customers with direct impact for further arrangement and inform them any update on the incident.

Yang Ming's statement regarding the containers fall off YM Efficiency

3 June 2018

YM Efficiency, one of Yang Ming fleet, announced incident of container overboard along Australia coast on 1400utc, May/31/2018, as the vessel encountered adverse weather en-routining from Kaohsiung to Sydney loaded with 3307 TEU onboard. A total of 83 containers were overboard, and 30 vans collapsed remaining on deck according to master’s report. There were neither DG cargo involved in the incident, nor Marine Pollutant. No vessel hull/engine damages as well.

The incident has been reported to Australian AMSA and Concerned parties. Yang Ming Headquarters has an emergency task force set up to deal with this incident immediately to monitor the development of the incident. Till this moment, everything is under master’s control, and vessel ‘s safety navigation has been well secured. She has already arrived out off Sydney port, however, due port closure under adverse weather, she is unable to be berthed now. YM is trying utmost to secure a berth for her a.s.a.p.

The relevant measures to unload those collapsed containers O/D, as well as damage repair for the deck fittings are also under arrangement. The customer involved will be informed in due course. The overboard containers will be salvaged/removed by Yang Ming.

Yang Ming will keep relevant parties being posted on any updates.

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