U-Ming Marine Offshore reflags crew transfer vessels for offshore wind contracts in Taiwan

Apr 25, 2022

U-Ming Marine Offshore Company Limited (UMO), a joint venture between U-Ming Marine Transport Corporation and World Marine Offshore A/S has acquired two high-efficiency, wave-resistant secondhand crew transfer vessels (CTVs) and completed their reflagging.

"UMO Mistral" and "UMO Scirocco" are trimaran SWATH vessels ideal for the harsh environment in Taiwan. The hull form of the trimaran gives crew and passengers optimal sea comfort and less fatigue, and reduced slamming. The design shows a 40% improvement of uptime compared to best catamarans available on the market. Accommodation and wheelhouse areas are placed aft on the vessel, to reduce heave and pitch for improved sea comfort. The vessels are ballasted down at the transfer station, to reduce roll, pitch and heave movements of the vessel to a minimum and they are fitted with a patented hydraulic fender system "Soft Bow" that allows the vessels to approach in higher seas. UMO's CTVs are built to the highest standard and ensure our clients the best possible utilization and offshore accessibility.

In addition, UMO has invested in a BareFLEET remote monitoring system used to send daily reports about crew, technicians and equipment scheduling, fuel consumption, weather patterns, a safety report and drill status to customers, as well as shore‚Äźbased managers with regards to the vessels' safety feature and operational status.

Two further CTVs are under construction and scheduled to be delivered in the second half of 2022. All four CTVs have secured contracts in the Taiwan offshore wind market.

Image by U-Ming Marine

U-Ming Marine press release