First L-Class and second E-Class delivered

10 May 2019

Thun Tankers takes delivery of first L-Class and second E-Class on the same day. Both vessels will enter the Gothia Tanker Alliance network.

On May 9th,Thun Tankers took delivery of the18,650 deadweight product tanker “Thun Lidkoping”. This L-Classvessel is the first in a series of five resource efficient, high quality tankers built by Avic Dingheng Shipbuilding Ltd in China.

On the same day, the 8,000 deadweight “Thun Evolve” was delivered to Thun Tankers by Ferus Smit BV in the Netherlands. The dual fuelled vessel, that will use natural gas or biogas as fuel, is the second in a series of four ordered E-Classtankers. The Shipyard Ferus Smit has previously built 33 efficient quality vessels for Erik Thun.

Both the L-Classand the E-Classtankers have been designed and developed in-house, using Erik Thun’s long experience of building sustainable,high quality vessels. Focuson environmental care, new regulations and customers’ needs has been key in the designand building process of both vessel types. The new tankers will enter into the Gothia Tanker Alliance network with crewing and technical management done by MF Shipping Group.

It is a historic day for our company with the delivery of both Thun Lidkoping and Thun Evolve on the same day. With the E-Class and L-Class series in trade,we are further strengthening Gothia Tanker Alliance’ possibility to serve our clientswith climate smart tankers in the right position at the requestedtime.
– Joakim Lund, CCO Thun Tankers

These new tankers are part of ournext generation purpose-built and efficient vesselsenabling us to remain asustainable Swedish partner over generations.
– Johan Källsson,Managing Director atErik ThunGroup

Image by Thun Tankers.

Anders Källsson, Erik Thun AB, attending the signing ceremony at AVIC. Image by Thun Tankers.

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