Successfull transfer of Celebrity Edge

23 January 2018

Saint-Nazaire, 22nd of January 2018: the first Celebrity Edge exit – the 1st contact with water ou quelque chose d’approchant.

In the late afternoon, in Saint-Nazaire, Celebrity Edge left her mounting dock, heading to the port. The future top of the range cruise ship, a RCCL order, was transferred into reverse to the Vieux Môle. A true moving time, which followed the ship floating out.

After an about turn to present herself in front of the Joubert dock, this 306 meters long cruise ship got to her outfitting on the Quai de Penhoët, towed by 7 tugs. An impressive manoeuvre, 7 months after the coin ceremony, which marked the beginning of her assembly.

This transfer was initially planned last week-end but was postponed on Monday the 22nd January due to bad weather conditions.

The ship is due for delivery in October 2018.

Celebrity Edge, the eargerly anticipated ship designed and built by STX France floats out of dry dock. Video by STX France

Image by STX France

Image by STX France

STX France press release