Ports of Stockholm welcomes the first of 230 cruise ships

8 Apr 2022

The first cruise ship of the season will arrive in Stockholm on 10th April. Despite the troubling international situation the season has a lot of bookings, with many cruise ships booking extended stays. Stockholm is an extremely popular cruise destination and an obvious choice for shipping companies and travel organisers.

World Odyssey is the first cruise ship of this season. She arrives at Frihamnen Port on the morning of 10th April, will stay for four days, and is the first of 230 pre-booked cruise ship calls* to Stockholm and Nynäshamn during 2022.

Many of the cruise ships will stay longer than usual in Stockholm this year, as the shipping companies have removed Saint Petersburg from their Baltic Sea cruise schedules. This means that passengers will spend more time in the Swedish capital, providing increased revenue for the tourist industry in the region.

“It gives me great pleasure to see the cruise season beginning. Stockholm is a very popular destination and Ports of Stockholm will welcome as many as 230 cruise ships, despite the troubling international situation. The long awaited tourists will stay longer than usual, which will be a major positive boost for Stockholm and our tourist industry that was hit hard by the pandemic,” says Fredrik Lindstål, Chair of the Board at Ports of Stockholm.

The cruise shipping companies have seen huge interest in cruise travel now that society is opening up again after the pandemic. At the same time, the shipping companies are taking great responsibility to make sure travel is safe. Ports of Stockholm is working together with the shipping companies and agents to take all necessary safety precautions, and also has close dialogue with the authorities and other stakeholders about the pandemic and the troubling international situation.

“We have close dialogue with the shipping companies about the pandemic situation and the international security policy developments. We have also worked closely together with the shipping companies for many years on environmental issues. Next year it will be possible for cruise ships to connect to onshore power in Stockholm,” explains Stefan Scheja, Marketing Manager Ferries and Cruises.

It has been possible for many years to offload sewage at all of the quay-berths. Work is currently ongoing to complete onshore power connection for cruise ships in the centre of Stockholm in 2023. There are only a few facilities like this in Europe. Ports of Stockholm also offers environmental rebates to encourage the shipping companies to take greater responsibility for environmental measures than is legally required. Read more about Ports of Stockholm's environmental work.

Cruise ship in the foreground and Stockholm Old Town in the background.   Image by Stockholms Hamn AB.

All of the anticipated cruise ship calls can be found on the vessel calls list, as well as in the Cruise Stockholm app. Note that calls may be moved, cancelled or added. Particularly notable facts

• First call of the summer season: World Odyssey 10th April
• Shipping company calling most: AIDA
• Ship calling most: AIDAdiva
• Most turnaround calls: Viking Ocean Cruises
• New cruise company at Ports of Stockholm: Ambassador Cruise Lines
• Largest ship, gross tonnage (GT): Norwegian Getaway, 145,655 GT** (326 metres-long)
• Longest ship: MSC Preziosa, 333 metres (139,072 GT)
• Smallest ship, gross tonnage: Clio, 3,504 GT (100 metres-long)
• Shortest ship: Hebridean Sky (90 metres-long)

* Before Russia invaded Ukraine there were 300 cruise ships booked - a new record for Ports of Stockholm.

** GT, from the English gross tonnage, which denotes the total volume of the vessel.

Image by Stockholms Hamn AB.

Stockholms Hamn AB / Ports of Stockholm press release