Russia’s Investigative Committee keeps looking into
circumstances of assault on Prirazlomanay platform

9 october 2013

As it has been reported earlier, 30 people were arrested in the case, which is now being appealed in the court. All the appeals reviewed by the court so far have been overruled, which confirms the legality of the arrest.

Now the investigators have a judicial decision to arrest the Arctic Sunrise ship. The investigators’ actions to implement the decision will be carried out in strict compliance with the Russian and international laws.

The investigators and criminologists, involving single-discipline specialists are studying the documents, objects and equipment seized from the Arctic Sunrise. It is already known that part of the equipment is double-purpose and could have been used in the interests of the environmental protection. The assumption will be checked by forensic analyses, which are planned to be assigned in the near future.

In addition, during the examination of the ship the investigators seized narcotics (presumably opium straw and morphine). The specialists are looking into their origin and purpose.

The investigators are now identifying the people who deliberately rammed the coast guard boats preventing the coast guards from doing their job. By these actions the accused made an attempt on lives and health of the representatives of the authority.

Given the information the investigators are getting during the probe, the charges brought against the accused will be corrected. However, it is obvious for the investigators that some of the accused will be charged with other serious crimes.

Head of Media Relations
V.I. Markin

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation - Press release