Opening message for Booking acceptance

January 19, 2018

Dear Valued Customers,
Ocean Network Express Pte. Ltd. is very pleased to announce that our office network will commence booking activity on 1 February 2018 for vessel departures in April 2018.

The commencement of booking acceptance for voyages which will fall under the era of ONE Bill of Lading issuance has been a major milestone in our integration project. We have been preparing carefully for this event and, with the support and assistance of our customers, we are anticipating a smooth launch.

The transition of booking from the legacy 3J lines over to ONE will not take place globally on a single date. Rather, the migration will take place on a voyage by voyage bases dependent upon specific origin location.

We wish to explain the methodology by which customers will be able to identify the appropriate booking channel for a specific origin + voyage opportunity.

Ocean Network Express Pte. Ltd. press release