NYK Develops Original Software That Diagnoses Combustion Chamber Problems

October 16, 2018

NYK and MTI have jointly developed new original software that uses photo data to prevent accidents by quickly determining the causes of failures at an early stage. The images are provided by Kirari NINJA*, an NYK Group–developed device that can photograph the interior of a vessel engine’s combustion chamber. The new diagnostic software allows NYK to prevent accidents by quickly determining the causes of failures at an early stage. The NYK Group has also developed a smaller version of Kirari NINJA that can take photos inside smaller cylinders and thus improve operability and convenience.

1. Background

In the combustion chamber surrounded by the cylinder liner and piston, low temperature corrosion and abnormal abrasion can cause serious troubles. To address this issue, in 2015 NYK developed Kirari NINJA, which enables users to realize the precise condition of the combustion chamber interior and thus eliminate the need for the long, hard process of disassembling the chamber to examine the interior condition.

The NYK Group has combined this photo data with operational data collected by the ship information management system (SIMS) and engine data collected by an electronic checklist to developed software that can diagnose internal chamber conditions. Moreover, the NYK Group now has a smaller version of Kirari NINJA — named “Kirari NINJA-DS" — to improve the use and convenience of the device.

2. Characteristics of the New Original Software

(1) Displaying two photos in chronological order, allows visually confirms the changes in condition inside the cylinder.

(2) Combing several photos into one image, allows to grasp the condition of the entire cylinder at a glance.

(3) Displaying the operation data and other data together, allows to track down the relation between the cause of condition changes and operation data.

(4) Allows to decide the appropriate amount of lubricating oil and oil film forming.

With this software, NYK Group can put the prevention solution before serious trouble occurs, as well as to make rational maintenance that is based on the actual condition (condition based maintenance). Thereby, NYK Group can enforce safety operation and reduce the maintenance cost.

Screen image.   Image by NYK

3. Miniaturization of Kirari NINJA

Kirari NINJA is a device that can perform 360-degree panoramic camera and lighting. By placing it on the upper face of the piston in the combustion chamber it can take, photographs in all directions of the interior can be taken during one round of vertical piston movement (approximately 10 minutes). NYK Group improve heat-resisting, power consumption, the way of transmitting data and charging a power, in addition to miniaturization it so that it can be used on engines with small- diameter cylinders such as under 50 cm.

Blue: the former Kirari NINJA.   Image by NYK

4. In the Future

In its medium-term management plan “Staying Ahead 2022 with Digitalization and Green” released in March, NYK announced a strategy to achieve sustainable growth. The NYK Group will continue to boost digitalization by collaborating with various partners and making use of the group’s operational expertise and accumulated data to create new value.

* Kirari NINJA
This device is jointly manufactured with Daitron Co., Ltd. (head office: Osaka; president: Isayuki Mae). Announcement on September 3, 2015, “NYK and MTI Jointly Develop Industry-first Automatic Camera Device for Monitoring a Vessel's Engine,” https://www.nyk.com/english/release/3710/004048.html

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