M/T Minerva Helen cleared of suspicion for oil pollution

Athens, Greece - 02 March 2021

On 28 February 2021, M/T MINERVA HELEN was cleared of any connection with the oil pollution affecting the coasts of Israel and Lebanon.

MINERVA MARINE INC. welcomes the result of the investigation by the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Israeli Shipping and Ports Authority which has cleared its managed vessel, M/T MINERVA HELEN (IMO No 9276561, Greek Flag), of all suspicion in connection with the recent pollution incident impacting Israel's coastline.

The statement by the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection is available here

On 21 February 2021, MINERVA HELEN was named as one of several suspect vessels due to her proximity to Israel, while drifting in the area, in early February 2021.

On 22 February 2021, the Spanish Port State Control Authorities in Cartagena inspected the vessel, observed no deficiencies and verified that the vessel was well maintained and in a good operational condition without any defects.

MINERVA MARINE proceeded with a thorough investigation of all the vessel's activities and operations during the relevant period, concluding that the vessel was not connected in any way to the pollution incident and refuting categorically all allegations.

Committed to operating in a proactive and transparent way, MINERVA MARINE made every effort to assist the authorities with the investigations.

Israeli inspectors coordinated with the Greek Coast Guard inspectors and moved quickly to carry out their investigation in a thorough and professional manner. MINERVA MARINE welcomed the inspectors' attention to detail and made available all relevant records and documentation.

MINERVA MARINE expresses its sympathy to all those who have been impacted by this environmental casualty and wishes those involved in the clean-up and recovery operations every success in their critical task.

Minerva Marine: Statement on M/T Minerva Helen

Athens, Greece - 24 February 2021

In relation to the unfounded and inaccurate allegation posted in the media that M/T MINERVA HELEN (IMO No 9276561, Greek Flag) is related with the recent oil pollution incident along the coast of Israel, MINERVA MARINE INC, as managers of the vessel, states the following:

From 04 February 2021 until 11 February 2021 the vessel was drifting offshore Port Said, Egypt, awaiting voyage orders in empty condition, without any cargo on board. Drifting while awaiting orders is a routine practice for commercial vessels.

On 11 February 2021 at about 09:00 local time the vessel moved to the Port Said Anchorage, where she arrived in the afternoon remaining without any cargo on board.

On 13 February 2021 the vessel departed from Port Said and on the 14th of February arrived in Sidi Kerir port, Egypt where she loaded her cargo.

On the 15th of February 2021 the vessel sailed directly to Cartagena Spain.

During the period that the vessel was drifting offshore Port Said awaiting her next employment, the vessel was not involved in any operation nor in any other activity that could be connected to an oil discharge at sea.

The vessel is classed with the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). Minerva Helen is well maintained without any structural or other defects that could cause an oil pollution incident.

It should be noted that on the 22nd of February 2021 the vessel was inspected by the Spanish Port State Control Authorities in Cartagena and was determined to be without any deficiencies or observations, and confirmed that the vessel was in a satisfactory maintenance and operational condition without any defect.

Minerva Marine Inc. will cooperate with any relevant authority in relation to the above.

Minerva Marine Inc. press release