Maersk Line remains the most reliable carrier

With a score of 90.5%, Maersk Line maintains its status as
the most reliable of the top 20 carriers across all trades.

5 November 2012

Every quarter Drewry releases its industry benchmark on reliability, the Drewry Schedule Reliability Insight. Every quarter Maersk Line is in the very top, and they have now had a 1st place ranking for six consecutive quarters.

The score of 90.5% in Q3 is slightly lower than for Q2, but still high enough to make first place. None of the other carriers in the top 20 had a reliability score above 90%.

Morten Engelstoft, Chief Operating Officer in Maersk Line, says: “We are proud to be number one and are committed to maintaining our ranking while lowering our costs, including bunker consumption.”

How do you become reliable?
What is Maersk Line doing to improve reliability? There are many options, explains Søren Toft, Head of Network Planning. One is designing a network that is actually capable of being reliable while not compromising the need to optimise for lowest cost.

“We need to have efficiency in mind while we build in flexibility for delays, volume variations, terminal productivity and weather conditions,” says Søren.

Managing all factors
“It is in our DNA to be reliable; keeping it that way requires a continuous focus on our global network, and managing the three key dimensions of high utilisation, high reliability and low cost” says Keith Svendsen, Head of Network Execution.

He underscores that reliability does not have to come at the expense of cost or environmental performance. “We have proven in the past year that we can be reliable and have lower fuel consumption and costs in general.”

Planning and execution are key
In order to maintain a leadership position on reliability, planning is key, says Søren Toft.

Keith Svendsen agrees: “To be the best performer on reliability, we need an optimal network design, with pre-planned flexibility supported by a 24/7 focus on marine execution. Having that intimate collaboration with our colleagues and customers is critical for Maersk Line.”
Source: Maersk Line