LUKOIL-BUNKERíS Kaliningrad branch secures contract
for servicing of Baltic Fleet ships


LUKOIL-BUNKERíS Kaliningrad branch has signed an open-end contract for supply of fuel to the ships of RF Navyís Baltic Fleet. The bunkering with low-viscosity marine fuel is performed in Baltijsk.

The branch has already obtained considerable experience in fueling warships with large batches of bunker. In particular, the Kaliningrad branch used to supply oil products to frigates of Gepard 3.9 class.

LUKOIL-BUNKER LLC is a subsidiary of Russiaís largest oil company LUKOIL. The Company specializes in marine fuels supply at sea and river ports of the Russian Federation and Bulgaria. As of today, LUKOIL-Bunker is rated among the top largest suppliers of bunker oil products at Russian ports.

LUKOIL-BUNKER press release