LR and industry partners launch survey on COVID-19 impact on maritime workforce

Survey for seafarers and shore-side staff to gather insights on how the maritime sector has navigated the pandemic

25 June 2020

Lloyd's Register (LR) in partnership with the UK Chamber of Shipping, the Mission to Seafarers, Safety at Sea and with the support of other leading maritime organisations, will run an industry-wide survey to evaluate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on employee wellbeing and operational practice.

The online survey, which is being launched on the Day of the Seafarer and will run until late August, will gather insights on how the industry has coped with the challenges presented by the pandemic. It will seek to draw insights on how organisational culture and practices many have affected health and mental wellbeing and the lessons that the industry can learn from the current crisis.

It is anticipated that this comprehensive body of work will also point to trends that could reshape the crewing landscape around disease management, healthcare, remote working and that its findings will serve to enhance future practices.

LR’s senior principal human factors consultant, Jo Stokes said: “This pandemic has highlighted the unique position of many of our seafarers on extended contracts at sea, unable to return home. It is important that we understand how well we are supporting seafarers as well as working in the maritime industry onshore throughout these difficult times. This industry-wide survey will help us to understand what is being done, how mental health and wellbeing have been affected, and what we can do to better as an industry to support our people.”

LR Marine and Offshore Director Nick Brown said: “Shipping has played a central role in maintaining critical supply chains during this pandemic and the importance of the men and women who work in the maritime industry cannot be underestimated. These have been challenging times for us all and understanding how this situation may have affected work processes, safety, health and mental wellbeing will provide valuable insights on how we have coped as an industry and the changes we need to consider going forward.”

The results of the survey will be shared by Safety at Sea and the other partners later in the year. Click here to take the survey.

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