Marubeni and Klaveness join forces to create the world’s leading dry bulk Panamax pool

21 January 2020

Marubeni and Klaveness are merging Panamax Pool activities. A jointly owned pool management company, Maruklav Management Inc., will operate a Panamax Pool where data insights and analytics will be a main driver for decision making and positioning of the pool vessels.

Combining the strengths of major trading house Marubeni and long-term Owner and Operator Klaveness will not only leverage individual capabilities, but also capitalize on a more analytical approach to pool management and enable greater flexibility and adaptation to the risk appetite of each individual vessel owner.

The daily management of the pool activities will be run out of Klaveness’ offices in Oslo, Dubai and Singapore, where existing teams will be strengthened by experienced executives from the existing Marubeni pool operations. MaruKlav will be led by Michael Jørgensen as the company MD, with Masashi Kobayashi from Marubeni as Deputy MD.

The combination of existing fleets in the MG Harrison Shipping and Baumarine Pools will see the venture with a fleet of approximately 30 vessels starting early April, making it the leading Panamax pool operator in the world.

Data Driven Positioning to give pool participants full market upside:
While the increase in fleet size will give the pool increased global exposure, both houses remain confident the joint effort around data analytics, machine learning and research will facilitate correct positioning and allow the core chartering teams to optimize in terms of duration and direction at any given time.

Takeshi Hisatomi, General Manager of Marubeni Corporation said, “Our two organizations are fully committed to provide the best service for all pool participants. Every participant will not only benefit from improved earnings and market insights but will also have a manager taking care of their vessels for strong asset preservation over years of employment through the safe hands of our joint operations teams.”

Lasse Kristoffersen, President and CEO of Klaveness said, “We have been looking for a partner on our pool business and we believe we have found a perfect match in Marubeni. We share the same views on the business and not least the same values on how to run a company. Together we will grow and develop this business beyond what each one of us could do on our own.”

The road ahead
Michael Jørgensen, Senior Vice President and Head of Dry Bulk at Klaveness on the road ahead, “We look forward to this next chapter in our pool operations, alongside Marubeni. With this we will be able to deliver premium earnings and unique service offerings to vessel owners through the leveraging of data analytics throughout our operations, and in many ways act as a market manager to give them the full benefit of our market insights. “ The long terms vision is to challenge existing period structures and pool models. MaruKlav in this respect welcome all owners in the industry to collaborate around the existing and common challenges in our industry.

From left: Masashi Kobayashi, Department Manager of the Ship Department of Marubeni Corporation, Kosuke Takechi, COO of Marubeni Corporation, Lasse Kristoffersen CEO and President of Klaveness and Michael Jørgensen, Head of Dry Bulk at Klaveness.

About Marubeni
Marubeni Corporation and its consolidated subsidiaries use their broad business networks, both within Japan and overseas, to conduct importing and exporting (including third country trading), as well as domestic business, encompassing a diverse range of business activities across wide-ranging fields including lifestyle, ICT & real estate business, forest products, food, agri business, chemicals, power business, energy, metals & mineral resources, plant, aerospace & ship, finance & leasing business, construction, auto & industrial machinery, and next generation business development. Additionally, the Marubeni Group offers a variety of services, makes internal and external investments, and is involved in resource development throughout all of the above industries.

About Klaveness
Torvald Klaveness is a dry bulk operator, service provider and integrated owner. Through Klaveness Combination Carriers the company has a unique concept of combination carriers, and through Klaveness Container provides container feeder vessels to various operators. Klaveness Digital has developed the world’s leading platform for managing seaborne logistics and all businesses continue to challenge the status quo. The success and legacy of the company has always centered on finding new ways to improve technology and business models in shipping. Its vision of Improving the nature of shipping underpins its continued commitment to changing and improving the industry that Torvald Klaveness is a part of.

Torvald Klaveness, press release