The Northsea Logic.   Credit: Nordic Maritime Crewing Services

The Northsea Rational.   Credit: Nordic Maritime Crewing Services

Daryu Vishnu. Credit:   Chellaram Shipping

Klaveness Maritime Agency expands their crew management services

13 June 2017

Klaveness Maritime Agency Inc. (KMAI) is delighted to announce that KMA in Manila is expanding their crew management services to include two new principals, Nordic Maritime Crewing Services Pte. Ltd. and Chellaram Shipping.

About Nordic Maritime Crewing Services Pte. Ltd.
Nordic Maritime Crewing Services is a crew management company based in Singapore and will be bringing in two oil-chemical tankers, namely Northsea Rational and Northsea Logic. Each vessel has a complement of up to 13 Filipino crew, who are all to be deployed by KMAI.

About Chellaram Shipping
Chellaram Shipping is a company with roots in Chennai, India, where the Groupís business was first established in 1916. KMAI shall provide Filipino officers for their managed vessels. KMAI shall work closely with their crew management company in India, Chellaram Shipping Private Ltd, in gradually increasing the number of Filipino sea personnel in their fleet.

Torvald Klaveness, press release