GlobeMobile Surpasses One Million GSM Minutes per Month

Palm Bay, Florida, USA (16th Nov. 2012)

Globe Wireless today announced it has reached a significant milestone, surpassing one million GSM minutes per month. Since its launch in April 2009, GlobeMobile has grown to become the world’s largest Maritime GSM network with over 20,000 active subscribers on just over 1,300 vessels.

GlobeMobile is a GSM solution providing crew members voice calling and SMS capabilities at affordable rates. GlobeMobile provides complete flexibility for crew members including: standard voice calls to and from the vessel, SMS messaging and free onboard mobile-to-mobile calling.

GlobeMobile can be used with Inmarsat FleetBroadband and VSAT terminals through our unique Globe Wireless built GSM network. Crew members simply insert the GlobeMobile SIM card into their GSM phone, and within a few minutes they are able to send and receive voice calls and SMS messages while at sea.

“We have over one million reasons why GlobeMobile is the maritime industry’s GSM service of choice,” said David Kagan, President & CEO of Globe Wireless. “I think it speaks volumes about how our customers recognize the value of GlobeMobile in being the anytime, anywhere at sea, personal communications solution.”

About Globe Wireless
Globe Wireless is a leading provider of total solutions in the field of communications, operational and IT solutions to the maritime industry. Globe serves over 550 ship operators with over 8,000 ships using their products and services. For over 20 years Globe Wireless has been providing reliable voice and data communications to the maritime industry. Globe fuses their satellite and IT skills with a deep rooted knowledge of the maritime industry to provide the service, applications and support you need. Globe designs, builds, sells, installs, supports and services all of their products and solutions that they offer. Globe Wireless provides excellence in every aspect of their solutions; and ensures satisfaction at every stage of their service, from pre-sales coordination, through professional worldwide “Touch-the-Ship” installation and service, comprehensive training, simplified invoicing and direct 24 x 7 customer support. Globe has offices in 12 countries around the world providing technical support in local time zones and languages.

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