Tango FLNG fully commissioned and accepted by YPF

6 June 2019

EXMAR is pleased to confirm that it has completed the commissioning of the Tango FLNG. The performance acceptance tests has been successful, the first cargo has been offloaded and will be exported out of Argentina.

With this first shipment the start-up of the Tango FLNG is accomplished in a record time following the contract signing in November 2018 and delivery acceptance of the unit in Bahia Blanca in February 2019. The achievement of this milestone has been possible thanks to the excellent cooperation between the teams of YPF and EXMAR.

For YPF, the delivery of the first LNG cargo of about 25,000 m≥ from the Vaca Muerta shale gas reserves marks the entry of Argentina to the select club of global LNG exporting nations.

ďFor EXMAR, the successful performance test in Bahia Blanca confirms the technical capabilities of the Tango FLNG. Tango FLNG is the first FLNG operating in the Americas and this historic milestone clearly proves EXMARís front runner position for cost competitive and quick-to-market floating liquefaction solutionsĒ, commented Nicolas Saverys, EXMARís Chief Executive Officer.

The unit is generating earnings since early May and is expected to be fully on stream after the Argentine winter season.

EXMARís Board of Directors and Executive Committee wish to thank all employees and stakeholders in this project for the great dedication and impressive execution work over the past months.

EXMAR press release

Tango FLNG.   Image by EXMAR