EVER GIVEN Successfully Refloated

Normal Transits of Suez Canal Resume

March 29, 2021

Evergreen Line is pleased to confirm that EVER GIVEN has been successfully refloated within the Suez Canal at approximately 15:04 March 29 local time (21:04 Taipei time). In order for the Canal to resume normal operation, the vessel is leaving the grounding site with assistance of tugboats.

The chartered vessel will be repositioned to the Great Bitter Lake in the Canal for an inspection of its seaworthiness.

The outcome of that inspection will determine whether the ship can resume its scheduled service. Once the inspection is finalized, decisions will be made regarding arrangements for cargo currently on board.

We are most grateful to the Suez Canal Authority and all the concerned parties for their assistance and support through this difficult and unfortunate situation.

We would also like to express our deepest appreciation to the crew who remain steadfast in their posts as well as the salvage experts and dredging team for their professionalism and relentless efforts over the past 6 days toward securing this outcome.

Evergreen will coordinate with the shipowner to deal with subsequent matters after the shipowner and other concerned parties complete investigation reports into the incident.

EVER GIVEN is a 20,000 TEU-class container ship, currently leased by Evergreen Marine Corp. under a time charter agreement. The ship is deployed on a Far East-Europe service route.

Update to EVER GIVEN's status in the Suez Canal

29th March 2021

Although the rescue team had originally been scheduled to resume attempts to refloat EVER GIVEN at 14:00 local time in Egypt (20:00 Taipei time), after their site assessment the decision was made to delay that operation while more tugboats are summoned to join the effort.

Accordingly, the refloating operation has been postponed to approximately 02:00 - 03:00 local time in Egypt (08:00 - 09:00 Taipei time) on 29th March.

In the meantime, the dredging operation is continuing to make progress. The refloating operation will resume as soon as the additional tugboats arrive to complete the deployment.

Update to EVER GIVEN's status in the Suez Canal

28th March 2021

Having removed more than 20,000 tons of sand and mud, the dredging operation underway has succeeded in loosening the EVER GIVEN's bow within the bank of the Suez Canal and the ship's stern has been cleared from the sand bank.

The rudder and propeller of the vessel are fully functional and expected to provide additional support to tugboats assigned to move the container ship from the accident site so that normal transit may again resume within the canal.

The rescue team is continuing the dredging efforts and will resume attempts to refloat the vessel at 14:00 local time in Egypt (20:00 Taipei time).

Update of EVER GIVEN's grounding in the Suez Canal

26th March 2021

Appointed by the shipowner of EVER GIVEN, a team of experts from Smit Salvage had arrived at the scene of the grounding accident yesterday (25th of March), and discussed solutions to rescue the ship with the Captain and Suez Canal Authority immediately.

After careful assessment of the situation, the plan was to continue the ongoing efforts to clear sand and mud around the ship's bow and try to free the vessel at high tide.

It is estimated that the excavation will take at least two to three days to reach the required depth for the stranded ship to refloat. Then the salvage experts will try further to get the vessel out of the predicament at the highest tide of the Suez Canal.

Ever Given Situation Report

25th March 2021

As of 07:00 Egypt time Thursday 25th March Evergreen can confirm the following:

After 48 hours of proactive efforts to re-float Ever Given, the time chartered vessel's grounding situation has not been resolved.

The shipowner confirms that the crew, ship and cargo are all safe, and no marine pollution has materialized. There had been no black out resulting in loss of power prior to the ship's grounding.

The shipowner has appointed two maritime professional rescue teams from the Netherlands (Smit Salvage) and Japan (Nippon Salvage) to attend the ship. These teams will be working with the Captain and the Suez Canal Authority to design a more effective plan for refloating the vessel as soon as possible.

Evergreen Line will continue to coordinate with the shipowner and Suez Canal Authority to deal with the situation with the utmost urgency, ensuring the resumption of the voyage as soon as possible and to mitigate the effects of the incident.

As the vessel is chartered, the responsibility for the expense incurred in the recovery operation; third party liability and the cost of repair (if any) is the owners.

A further up-date on the situation will be made as material information becomes available.

Statement regarding Ever Given incident in the Suez Canal

24th March 2021

Evergreen Marine Corp. received a notice from the owner of EVER GIVEN that the chartered vessel ran aground in the Suez Canal at around 8 am local time on March 23.

This accident occurred at 6 nautical miles from the southern entry of the Canal as the container ship proceeded northbound through the waterway from the Red Sea.

Gusting winds of 30 knots caused the container ship to deviate from its course, suspectedly leading to the grounding.

Evergreen has urged the shipowner to investigate the cause of this accident, and work closely with Suez Canal Authority and related agencies to refloat the stranded ship as soon as possible.

EVER GIVEN is a 20,000 TEU-class container ship, currently leased by Evergreen Marine Corp. under a time charter agreement with the crew hired by the shipowner.

The ship is currently deployed on a Far East-Europe service route.

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