Announcement from Eimskip

25. September 2020

On September 24th the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service (RÚV) covered the sale of the container vessels Goğafoss and Laxfoss.

In 2017 Eimskip signed a contract to build two new vessels in China with the aim of replacing the vessels Goğafoss and Laxfoss therefore the vessels were circulated for sale by various shipbrokers for some time.

At year end 2019 the vessels were finally sold, and the new owner took over their operation at beginning of this year. Parallel to the sale Eimskip chartered the vessels back until planned delivery of the new buildings.

Due to unexpected adverse market conditions the decision was taken by the Company to redeliver the vessels to their new owners last spring, earlier than expected.

Subsequently, the new owners made the decision to sell the vessels for recycling in India. It was not Eimskip’s decision to recycle the vessels neither where, when nor how they would be recycled.

Eimskip approached the Environment Agency of Iceland earlier today which informed the Company that it had reported the Company to the District Prosecutors for alleged violation of the Icelandic Waste Management Act.

Eimskip had no information about that report prior to the Company’s inquiry and the Agency never asked the Company for any documentation regarding the matter.

Eimskip rejects these allegations as the company complied with all laws and regulations in the sale process.

Image by Eimskip

Eimskip press release