Drydocks World and Maritime World and the Suez Canal
Authority discuss future cooperation

October 13, 2013

United Arab Emirates - Dubai - October 12, 2013: Drydocks World and Maritime World, the leading global service provider of marine and maritime diverse sectors, received high-level delegation from the Suez Canal Authority, chaired by H.E Admiral Mohab Mohamed Hussien Mameesh, Chairman & Managing Director of the Suez Canal Authority, the delegation included Eng. Nader Abbas Mohamed Fors, Board Member & Shipyards Director and Eng.Ahmed Mohammed Elmanakhly, Board Member & Transit Director.

They were received by HE Khamis Juma Buamim, Chairman of Drydocks World and Maritime World and senior executives of the Group.

HE Khamis Juma Buamim welcomed the delegation and said: "We welcome H.E Admiral Mameesh and the accompanying delegation to their second home the United Arab Emirates. The relationship between Egypt and the UAE is brotherly and historical in all areas. We always take pride in Egypt and what it has provided the global maritime industry. The Suez Canal is the most important water canal for trade and global economics and it provides services and sea lane security to and from the West and the East, and the most used water canal for shipping route in the world. It supports the maritime sector through the provision of savings in time, fuel consumption, transportation cost and the operation of ships. The Suez Canal Authority is well known for its support for the growth of the maritime industry and shipping in Egypt. We are ready to share our experiences and abilities and go into the field of future cooperation in this regard, as the historical value and future potential of the canal is enormous, and we have no doubt that the upgrade and development of the Suez Canal zone will benefit from Dubai's experience in this area and creates jobs and exceptional investments for Egypt.

H.E. Buamim gave a detailed explanation on the existing plans and future business in Drydocks World and Dubai Maritime City, adding that the leadership of Dubai supports the marine industry, which in turn enhances the prestige maritime sector and its global significance. Dubai has a spirit of challenge and unhindered positivity, which is embodied under the approach of "we can achieve and progress."

In turn, H.E Admiral Mameesh praised the extraordinary excellent relations between the UAE and Egypt and the deep appreciation of the Government and people of Egypt for the honorable and brotherly stand of the UAE government and people. He stressed the important role played by the UAE in general and Dubai in particular and its leading experience in the promotion and development of the marine industry. Dubai has an incredible culture and maritime rich heritage which makes us look to Dubai experience as an important factor in what we plan to do, in particularly the development, modernization and conversion of the canal. Admiral Mameesh expressed his admiration of the potential and recent development of maritime industries and clusters in Dubai, which underlines our ambition to learn and gain from the knowhow, knowledge and best practices propagated at Drydocks World and Dubai Maritime City and explore future opportunities for cooperation between the two countries in the marine and maritime sector. H.E Admiral Mameesh highlighted the existing opportunities and possibilities in the Canal Zone from North to South and the future master plans.

This was followed by discussion on international and regional variables in the maritime sector, and ways to strengthen maritime cooperation and integration in order to strengthen the Suez Canal Authority new plans and future opportunities for cooperation between the two parties. The two sides agreed to develop cooperation and the formation of a working group to exchange experiences and discuss potential joint projects within the strategic plans for Suez Canal development.

Then the high-level delegation, accompanied by Eng / Ali Al Suwaidi , Vice President - Business Development & Commercial at Drydocks World, and Dr. / Markus Johannes Voege, Vice President Operations and Production toured the facilities of Dubai Maritime City and Drydocks World, where the delegation expressed delight at the visit and showed surprise at the tremendous possibilities, services and the extraordinary global projects being implemented in Dubai for the world.

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