DFDS Direct – freight booking in a few clicks

Copenhagen - 6 February 2019

DFDS is building a platform where anyone with a need for door to door transportation can arrange this online with just a few clicks, no matter if they are a customer with DFDS today or not.

Very soon customers will experience another level of transparency and a much quicker and simpler way of shipping their goods via our new online platform DFDS Direct. In just a few clicks, they get direct access to book transport across DFDS’s entire logistics network.

“With DFDS Direct, we want to provide our customers with instant pricing, instant booking and confirmation of availability across our entire network and with the same reliability that they know today from DFDS. We have designed a booking system that is easily scalable across our entire network and will give 24/7 access to our customers,” says Eddie Green, EVP of Logistics.

“It is essential for our customers to get a reply straight away as this will enable them to provide a better and faster service to their customers. We have already tested the tool with customers, and they find it very intuitive and easy to use. We are really looking forward to providing our customers with a tool that can help them close sales with their customers faster and thereby also increase their revenue,” says Andrias Justinussen, Product Manager for DFDS Direct.

No need for contracts
“For potential or smaller customers, it is sometimes complicated to navigate through the organization get a quote from DFDS. With DFDS Direct new customers will be able to open an account immediately on line and make a booking, and that makes it smoother and quicker,” says Eddie Green. “We are convinced that the logistics business will be transformed during the coming years. We are making this move now for DFDS to continue to provide the best possible and contemporary service for our freight customers.”

A start-up in a mature company
Digitisation is one of the core elements of DFDS’ strategy, and we aim to bring even more digital capabilities, knowhow and business models into the business. Since 2015 DFDS has invested in building digital expertise, and now we have taken a further step into a digital future with DFDS Direct, which is the product of a startup company within DFDS. “DFDS Direct is intended to make it much easier to do business with DFDS, and we are confident that the increased efficiency will benefit our customers as well as DFDS,” says Andrias Justinussen.

DFDS Direct will be launched for one corridor during spring 2019 and will be further developed to service the entire network with a variety of different transport possibilities.

Image by DFDS Group.

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