COSCO delivers ultra-deepwater cylindrical offshore drilling rig Sevan Louisiana

31 October 2013

On October 28, the ultra-deepwater cylindrical offshore drilling rig, Sevan Louisiana, designed and built by COSCO Shipyard, was successfully delivered to its Norwegian owner, Sevan Drilling.

"Sevan Louisiana" is the third of the four ultra-deepwater cylindrical offshore drilling rigs COSCO has undertaken to build. The engineering, procurement, construction, installation and commissioning of all equipment were completed by COSCO (Qidong) Offshore. In the construction process, making full use of its experience gained from the construction of the first two rigs, the yard made great improvements in technical design, procurement, construction plan, equipment logistics, facilities maintenance, cost control and other aspects, further implementing digitalized and modular construction technology, thanks to which the rig was successfully delivered ahead of schedule.

"Sevan Louisiana" has a total height of 135 metres and a maximum diameter of 99 metres. The main deck measures 24.5 metres in height and the upper deck ¨C 36.5 metres. The light weight is nearly 30,000 tons and the variable deck load is 15,000 tons. The rig is capable of working in water depth of up to 3,810 metres and has a drilling depth of 12,000 metres. The living quarters can accommodate 150 people and meets the ultra quiet standards (below 40 decibels).

The Sevan series consists of four rigs; the first and second ones, delivered respectively in the end of 2009 and in the beginning of 2012, were both drilling in Brazil waters for Petrobras, and have discovered large oil and gas fields multiple times. Their stability and performance in deepwater environment were highly acclaimed by the industry. ˇ°Sevan Louisianaˇ± is already contracted by an American drilling company and will be deployed in the Gulf of Mexico.

COSCO Shipyard Group Co. Ltd. press release