300K Bulk Carrier CSB YEARS arrives in Canada

28 Oct 2013

On the morning of Oct. 16 local time, escorted by 2 tug boats and a film making helicopter, the 300K class VLOC CSB YEARS slowely entered the seven island port. The successful arrival of the VLOC CSB YEARS, as the biggest ship entering North American area, aroused huge response in the local port. A welcome ceremony was arranged by the local government and port authorities.

In the early morning of that day, as the CBS YEARS was slowly getting nearer to the port, 2 local tugs came to the scene with 2 water columns generated from the fire fighting canons, welcoming the vessel in local customs. A helicopter was hovering low above the vessel with correspondents from local TV station to record the historic events. Around 10 o’clock, the arrived dropped anchor at the designated position.

The successful arrival of the CSB YEARS in Seven Island port, Canada represents tremendous significance in both the history of navigation in North America and the transform of China Shipping Bulk Company in its ocean going business.

China Shipping (Group) Company, press release