ASC releases blueprint for sustainable naval industry

08 October 2013

ASC has called for a Ship or Submarine Integrator (SI) to be appointed to manage all future navy shipbuilding projects to ensure the future sustainability of Australia’s naval industry.

Speaking at the 2013 Pacific International Maritime Exhibition at Darling Harbour today Mr Sean Costello, ASC’s Executive General Manager Strategy & Communications, has released ASC’s blueprint for a new era in continuously servicing the Australian Navy with capable warships and submarines.

An SI is responsible for delivering ships and submarines over the asset’s complete life cycle through world-class engineering, supply chain, program management, knowledge management, applied science and technology and advanced manufacturing capability.

“The SI is the guardian of the complete value chain – the ‘single point of truth’ accountable for integrating all systems and data on a warship or submarine,” Mr Costello said.

“This same value chain works with all classes of ships and submarines, in all stages of their life cycle from plan to design, supply, integrate, produce, test and accept.”

Launching ASC’s strategic policy paper, A Sustainable Australian Naval Industry, Mr Costello outlined five key recommendations to sustain a robust and self-reliant Australian naval industry:

1. Implement rolling ship and submarine building programs to sustain industry throughout;

2. Build a capable in-country naval ‘value chain’ built on domestic and international sources of supply;

3. Implement best commercial practice across the value chain for greater productivity;

4. Increase in-country capability in submarine and ship integration to include warship design; and

5. Establish, maintain and execute a strategic science and technology program

“The most important benefit of a sustainable and productive Australian naval industry is an improvement in Navy capability,” Mr Costello said. “But a wider value is also realised through creating a continued flow of work for Australian shipyards.”

Mr Costello said, as a prime naval contractor, ASC had the size, experience and knowledge to manage the responsibilities of an SI.

“We’re already engaged in designing, building and sustaining Australia’s most strategically important naval capabilities,” he said. “ASC has a unique position in the naval industry – it’s Australian-owned and leads the Australian industrial base in the national interest.”

ASC Pty Ltd press release