Industry ready for combat support ships

08 October 2013

ASC and its partners welcome the opportunity to compete for SEA 1654 Phase 3 – Combat Support ships.

ASC’s Aegir 18A proposal would see work allocated to shipyards across Australia including Williamstown, Victoria; Newcastle, New South Wales; and Osborne, South Australia.

Speaking from the 2013 Pacific International Maritime Exhibition at Darling Harbour today, ASC Chief Executive Officer, Mr Steve Ludlam, said ASC had a unique proposal that will be tailored to ensure the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) achieves its requirements.

“This is a significant opportunity that gives industry the opportunity to progress our skills development and increase productivity. It will require ASC and its partners to be innovative in order that we can be successful during the competitive process,” said Mr Ludlam.

“Without this project, our national shipbuilding industry risks losing key skills needed for projects such as Future Submarine.”

Under the proposal, ASC will partner with internationally renowned companies BMT and DSME to deliver three superior auxiliary support ships to the RAN.

“The Aegir 18A is based on a proven design currently in production for the Royal Navy and recently contracted by the Norwegian Navy,” said Mr Ludlam.

“For the price of two ships built off shore, ASC can, if required, deliver three ships, including building and integrating one in Australia – creating valuable work for shipyards.”

“Under our three-ship proposal, at least two ships will be permanently available to the RAN, enabling continuous fleet operations in the Indian and Pacific oceans – covering the full breadth of Australia’s area of strategic maritime interest.”

Working with DSME, ASC can deliver the ships at a much lower cost than other shipyards.

“The proposal will also create significant opportunities for Australian suppliers to integrate into DSME’s global and mature supply chain.”

ASC Pty Ltd press release