Port of Antwerp launches international
branding campaign

Antwerp, 01 Oct 2013

Huge volumes and varieties of cargo pass through the port of Antwerp every day. Here goods are loaded and unloaded, stored, weighed, packaged, transported and sent on their way. In fact the port offers a tailor-made service for each product. This approach is the result of collaboration, expertise, know-how sharing and the port’s customer-oriented, «get things done» approach.

New campaign
This extreme customer orientation forms the basis of the new international branding campaign launched on 1 October: Everything is possible in the port of Antwerp. With this campaign which runs until the end of 2014 we highlight our «can do» mentality. This is the port’s greatest strength, according to the numerous customers featured in the campaign. They testify to the solutions that they are able to find in Antwerp, as the best proof of the port’s essential role in the international supply chains.

Antwerp’s customer orientation is due not just to the players in the port alone but also to the close collaboration, both nationally and internationally. Our customers and partners around the world are the best ambassadors in terms of relating their experience with the «can do» mentality of our port and sharing this story with their own networks.

Hard evidence
This message is being spread with 30 case studies of particular sectors which together afford a full view of the total service package offered by the port of Antwerp. The first of these to be featured is the chemical industry, which invests billions of euros in the port. Why do multinational chemical giants such as ExxonMobil, Total of Praxair opt for Antwerp? We let the CEO’s of these companies explain.

We also look at Antwerp’s role as the world’s largest coffee port. More than 500,000 tonnes of coffee beans are stored here at any one time, enough for 55 billion cups, making Antwerp by far the largest storage site for coffee in the world. "Belgium has the ideal climate for storing coffee, and Antwerp’s ‘Never say no’ attitude ensures that customers always find a total solution here," says coffee ambassador Yvan Rombouts.

We will be introducing a new case study every two weeks, focusing on subjects such as sustainability, Customs service, storage, added value services and intermodal solutions. All of them share the same theme: Everything is possible in the port of Antwerp.

Making full use of social media
To spread the message of this campaign we will for the first time be making extensive use of social media. "In this way everyone who receives the message can in turn become an ambassador for our port, by helping to spread the word. In fact we are counting on the participation of the port community and of our local and international partners to push our brand – the port of Antwerp – through their social media contacts," explains Luc Arnouts, chief commercial officer of Antwerp Port Authority. The case studies will also be spread in the form of direct mailings and advertisements and backed up at events.

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Antwerp Port Authority, press release