Eagle Passos awarded the ABS SMART (INF) Notation

05 February 2021

Eagle Passos, one of our latest second generation Dynamic Positioning Shuttle Tankers (DPST) has just performed her first operations in the Brazilian Basin.

Additionally, the vessel has been awarded by @American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) with the ABS SMART (INF) Notation, a first in the maritime industry for the vesselís leading-edge data communication and network infrastructure.

Eagle Passos was also granted the Operational Performance Management and Crew Assistance and Augmentation class record comments in recognition of the optimisation, monitoring and reporting smart functions.

Aligning with the digitalisation advancement across the energy sector, our pioneer investment in the latest smart ship solution SVESSEL provides an integrated support of enhanced maintenance, operational efficiency and safety capabilities on our vessels and allows us to keep pace with the technological challenges facing the maritime industry.

Image by AET Tankers Pte Ltd

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