Completion of sale of ADS Page

Nov 13, 2020

ADS Crude Carriers Plc has today delivered the vessel ADS Page to her new owners following the sale which was previously announced on 22 October.

Sale of ADS Page

Oct 22, 2020

ADS Crude Carriers Plc (the “Company”) has entered into a memorandum of agreement to sell the vessel ADS Page for a price of USD 25.5 million.

The vessel is expected to be delivered to the new owners during November.

The agreement to sell ADS Page follows an agreement to sell ADS Serenade announced on 13 October and completion of the sale of ADS Stratus on 23 September.

The Company will publish its Q3 2020 report on 18 November and will at the same time provide an update regarding the vessel sales and use of proceeds.

ADS Crude Carriers Plc press release

VLCC "ADS Page".   Image by ADS Crude Carriers Plc.