ADS Crude Carriers’ first vessel successfully installed with emissions reducing system

Sep 24, 2019

ADS Crude Carriers Plc (“ADS” or the “Company”) announces that its vessel ADS Serenade has successfully completed her scheduled intermediate survey and retrofitting of scrubber system and has now commenced on her first spot charter voyage following the upgrade. ADS Serenade is currently in transit to the Middle Eastern Gulf for loading, with subsequent unloading planned for Eastern China.

In-line with the Company’s strategy to comply with IMO 2020 regulations and be well positioned to take advantage of potential economic benefits offered by exhaust emissions cleaning technology, the Company’s fleet of three VLCCs will be upgraded with scrubber systems during scheduled mandatory intermediate surveys.

The survey and retrofit of the vessel ADS Page is in progress and she is expected to be ready for her first voyage following upgrade in early October, while ADS Stratus is expected to commence yard stay around the end of September and be ready for her first voyage thereafter around early November.

Consequently, ADS is on track to have all vessels upgraded with emission reducing systems well ahead of the IMO 2020 regulations that come into effect on 1 January 2020.

ADS Crude Carriers Plc is a public limited company listed on the Merkur Market at the Oslo Stock Exchange (ticker ADSC-ME). The Company is incorporated and domiciled in Cyprus and has Norwegian subsidiaries based in Arendal, Norway. The principal activities of the Company are operating tanker vessels in the global tanker market. The Company currently owns and operates a fleet of three VLCCs: ADS Page, ADS Stratus and ADS Serenade.

ADS Crude Carriers Plc press release