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Underwater Inspection Services: In water surveys (IWS) In lieu of Dry-docking (UWILD), U/W Inspections Prior to Purchase (PPU), Examination for Damages, Hull Paint Coating, Fouling Condition, Class IACS Inspections, Flag Requirements.

Burriel Navarro


Hydrex Spain

Inter Sea Inspection SL
Spanish cargo inspection company established in 2018 according to the Spanish investment law (limited companies). Our proactive inspection services maximize control at every link in the supply chain - from hold and hatch surveys to loading and discharge supervision. Our third party inspection services include: Draft survey (Bulk Commodity) according to UNECE/ENERGY/19, Hold inspections / container inspection, witnessing of analysis / analysis at neutral labs, Pre-shipment inspections (PSI) (Steel Products/Coils), Loading / discharge supervision, Supervision of weighing, Contractual sampling and sealing according to international standards, Bunker Quantity & Quality Survey, On/Off ROB Survey, Bunker Detective Survey.

Kraken Trabajos Subacuaticos

Moreno Servicios Submarinos

Radio Holland Spain

Sandvik Marine Electronics

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