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Underwater Inspection Services: In water surveys (IWS) In lieu of Dry-docking (UWILD), U/W Inspections Prior to Purchase (PPU), Examination for Damages, Hull Paint Coating, Fouling Condition, Class IACS Inspections, Flag Requirements.

Based in “Abidjan Zone Industrielle de Vridi”, addresses a varied clientele by offering a full range of services. Its competitiveness in terms of deadlines and tariffs as well as its versatility in the underwater and construction sector allow it to satisfy both individuals and the most diverse communities. With a wealth of experience in Underwater Works, Structural Work, Civil Engineering and Building, the structure ensures excellent quality of execution and also offers responsiveness, flexibility and geographical mobility. Every intervention carried out by the International Diving Services Company is carried out in an optimal respect of the rules of safety and in all transparency.

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