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Albukari Shipping Co. LTD has continuously offered a personalized and transparent service which has built our valued in customer confidence over the period of time. “Shipping with a personal touch” is our punch line. The professional support of Albukari Shipping Co. LTD is based on decades of hands-on experience as Vessel Agents for Tramp, Liner, Break bulk, Bulk, Ro-Ro, Containers, Cruise and Tanker vessels and related activities which have developed us to meet the individual demand for both quality service, and competitive rates for sea and air freight movements.

One of the most reputed and leading ship's agency and commercial establishments in the Republic of Yemen is serving all Yemeni ports such as, Hodeidah, Aden, Saleef, Mukalla, Mokha, Ash shir, nashtun and Ras Isa Terminals. Saba shipping and stevedoring company, at present predominantly involved in ship's agency and other related activities was established in the year 1983. Since its inception, the company made a steady progress and today Saba shipping being one of the largest and most reputed shipping companies in Yemen. We are of course proud to say that within a short span of time, we have been able to maintain the highest reputation and recognition for our quality of performance and promptness. It is also our privilege to say here that we have been declared by the Hodei?dah and Aden port and marine affairs corporation, the premier ports of Republic of Yemen, as the company which has handled the highest tonnage of cargoes such as Rice, Sugar, Timber, Plywood, Steel, Bulk Wheat, Bagged Wheat Flour, Corn & Soya, Bulk and Bagged Cement, Vehicles, Project Equipments, Crude Oils, General Cargo., Etc, since last 34 consecutive years. To say the least, 62% of total inbound traffic of the country.

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