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We offer agency services at port of Koper (Slovenia). Our agency service provides comprehensive services clearing ships in and out of ports, including communication with customs, immigration and other authorities. We also provide various services such as provisions, bunkering, water, waste, repairs, crew changes, medical services, cash to Master, deliveries, ships surveys etc. We provide an around the clock service based on personal attention, accurate and timely communication.

Interagent d.o.o., established in 1963, is Intereuropa's company that is specialised in the provision of all shipping agency services pursuant to FONASBA Quality Standard confirmed by the Union of Sea Transport Agencies of Slovenia.

We would like to present you our logistic company that is specialized into providing the best logistic solutions for all our business partners from Europe for the last 20 years! Our company's long high quality background started in beginning of the year 1992 when the company was founded to provide logistic services for local companies around city Celje. Since that time we have grown into a high quality company with great credit rate, that makes us very reliable partner with good reputation at our customs office. Our company also owns a AOL certificate, that helps simplify the procedure of arranging papers for export or import to countries outside EU. If you will ever need any transportation offers, help with customs documents, warehousing and Intrastat reports please don't hesitate to turn to us. We are here to help you and to make sure that your business runs smoothly, without any delayed deliveries.

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