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Head Office: Ponta Delgada, Azores. Sub-agencies: All Portuguese Ports. Full Shipping services and assistance to all type of vessels.

Blandy Shipping
Port Agency and Ship Chandler Services in Madeira Islands

CMJ Rieff & Sons
With head offices in Port of Ponta Delgada, CMJ Rieff offers professional shipping agency services not only in the main ports of Ponta Delgada, Horta and Praia da Vitoria, but also any small harbour of our islands.

Madeira Island shipping agents.

Active in all areas of shipping and ships’ agency, our team gathers decades of experience, understanding Principals’ requirements and looking after their interests on a 24/7 basis.

Shipping agents all around Portugal.

Largest Shipping Agent in Portugal in number of vessel assistances.

SteamShip has established strategic alliances with worldwide specialist service providers to meet the needs of international shipping and logistics community, permitting to our customers and partners to access to the global market.

Supermaritime Portugal
Providing services through 35 owned offices on 3 continents.

Transinsular (Madeira)
Shipping Agency at Madeira Archipelago, for the shipowners Transinsular and Vieira & Silveira and part of the Portuguese Group ETE (a reference in the maritime cluster). With many years of experience in the shipping area, Transinsular Madeira is a shipping agency of reference at Madeira Archipelago for containerized and general cargo. The shipping agency offers support services to the ships, crew and cargo of regular line service as also tramping in the bulk area, representing about 120 scales / year.

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