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Founded in 2017 as an independent shipping agency to operate in Colombia, starting ops on 4Q same year. Since 2020 we have direct presence in 7 port areas of the country, in addition to our administrative HQ located in the city of Cali. We are ready in position to provide our agency service in both coasts, enhanced by our commercial, operations and customs team, able to deliver and important know-how of more than 100 years of experience together as agents.

We Provide an exclusive service to owners and charterers based on years of experience in the shipping business in Colombia. We perform always with the leading supervision of our board directors and coal desk, ready to grant smooth port calls and go beyond duty to give what our customers need. Experts in solid bulk as well as: General and Project cargoes, Liquids, Off-Shore Projects, Shipyards and Repairs among many others with top high service standards. Years of excellent relationship with port authorities and shore parties support our achievements. We follow closely all regulations, codes and safe practices in the business.

Ship Agent, Protector Agent, Freight Promoter, General Service Promoter and Consultancy at Colombian North Coast Ports such as Santa Marta, Puerto Nuevo, Barranquilla, Puerto Bolivar and Puerto Brisa (La Guajira). During its operation the ship agency Maraduana, has provided services to vessels arriving from United States, Europe, Asia and Africa, unloading import products such as vehicles, repair parts, gypsum, general cargo, etc., and loading export products such as coal, cement, fertilizer, general cargo, etc.

Our priority is to respond effectively to the needs of our customers in maritime and logistics field, under national and international quality standards and the existing legal framework. To achieve this goal we have qualified and motivated human resources, aimed at improving our processes. Through strong relationships with our suppliers, our sure what the goods and services that meet the required specifications enable us to offer a qualified service, thereby ensuring leadership, competitiveness, market position and profitability for shareholders.

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